I had a hard time coming up with a title for this blog, so Kyle came up with a temporary one for now :) I am not quite sure what I will blog about, but I thought I would try it out. We will see how it goes.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My First Post--Looking Back on Our Engagement

Ok, here goes my first post. It shouldn't be too hard since I am going to copy and paste a story that is special to me :)

After Kyle proposed to me on October 5, 2009, so many people were asking me how he did it. So I decided to write a "Note" on Facebook to tell about it. The following is what I wrote back then:
Kyle and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary today (or yesterday, Oct. 5th, since it's past midnight already). We had school most of the day, so we went out to dinner after Kyle had a flight lesson. He took me to Tom Ham's Lighthouse and we enjoyed our dinner with a beautiful view of San Diego all lit up at night! And the moon decided to come out from the cloud it was hiding behind :) We had a great time.
Instead of taking me home, Kyle said he had to pick something up from school before taking me home. So we went to school and he grabbed my Bible that he had asked me to bring earlier. We “happened” to pass by the significant rose bushes that we call “our spot.” Back in November we were sitting on the bench by the rose bushes and that was the first time Kyle told me he loved me, and I said it back
So, back to where I left off… We were standing in front of the roses and Kyle asked me if I still had that rose petal in my Bible that I saved from the first rose he gave me. I got excited and grabbed my Bible from him. I found the pages that it was in between and picked up the petal. I didn’t even see that there was a big note placed in between the same pages. So I go on explaining to Kyle about how the petal is chipping but it is still pretty even though it’s not in as good shape as it was… then I saw the note that said “I LOVE YOU!” So I said “ooo!” (or “oh!” or something like that I don’t quite remember…) and picked it up. There was a ribbon attached to it, and tied with the ribbon was a beautiful ring!!!! I squealed and Kyle asked me to marry him and got on one knee. I was soooooo excited that I said yes so fast, followed by several times of saying “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” Because I said it all so fast, Kyle didn’t hear me say, “yes” lol. So he asked me, “Did you say yes?” And I replied “Yes! Of course! Absolutely!”
And that’s how it happened It’s been hard to stop smiling since!       
     So that is the story of how Kyle proposed to me. And 8 month later, on June 5, 2010, we were married!

We have been married for 1 year and 7 months and it has been wonderful! God has blessed us so much and we look forward to what He has in store for us.